"face the facts of what you are,
for that is what changes what you are"     kierkegaard

i've been in six psycho-therapies over fifty years.
neuroses that may rival woody allen!
explosive relations with family, lovers and career bring me to feelings of helplessness and depression. i seek therapy to help me recognize fact from fiction. to realize how my actions ignite conflict. i turn myself inside out. my defensive verbal exchange with my therapist often yield to eye-opening insights.


'therapy-journal 1998a' is 5 sessions from a traditional sitting-talking therapy. audio-dvd total 4 hrs. 
'aromatherapy 2008' is 13 sessions with buddhist healer teaching me the practice of relaxation, mantras & chakras, and the therapeutic use of essential oils. audio-dvd total 9 hrs.
(for computer screen & dvd player) dvd available at: www.jangero.com

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