journal writing, diary writing

journal writing, diary writing

       Short Journaling Intro

          Journaling is the art of writing your thoughts & feelings without self-deception.
Journaling is my technique of writing my thoughts & feelings that I have developed over fifty years of writing journals. My professional experience comes from self-publishing twenty volumes of journals, and publishing two books of stories derived from my journals in 2012. The books are appropriately titled
'me on me' and 'more me on me'.

          I use three different tools of journaling – 1. handwriting, 2. computer and 3. recording. In the first I carry a spiral bound lined notebook wherever I am; In the second, I use a desktop computer in my studio; and I have a miniature audio recorder at my bedside. Here are five useful tips:
          Take a quiet time of day to write when alone.
          Code-name the principal people in your writing.
          Password protect your computer and lock-up your notebooks.
          Do not be polite. Speak your mind.
          Do not share your writing with anyone.

          Writing journals is primarily for your personal satisfaction, You must forget about the opinions and reactions of others. This is for you and your life story. Much of life is mysterious and not explainable – the attempt, through Journaling regularly, can bring profound personal understanding of yourself and the people in your life. Your writing may, with time and practice, become strong and insightful, worthy of others to read or hear.

          Journaling is the most self-enriching trip you'll ever take.

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"me on me
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